What sets our shows apart from all the others?
We have been bringing great shows into business venues since 1993 and have acquired an extensive fanbase.
We are also pleased to say that all of our professional dancers work together in a group exclusively for our company.
The events we bring are actual SHOWS, with a cohesive mix of group and individual routines that are updated, changed, and practiced together regularly. We are the only company in the Pacific NW that offer this originality within our groups, and our dancers STAY with us!
We are also the ONLY company that offers a Female Revue Show for male patron!
Our shows will ALWAYS boost your revenue and bring new customers through your doors. Do not be fooled by CHEAP IMMITATION "SHOWS" that are actually inexperienced individuals doing "their own thing" on stage. Ultimate Males and Ultimate Playgirls are the genuine real thing, and are well known and respected. Our shows are always entertaining and sure to bring patrons back to your business.







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    The photography of all the Entertainers is done by Brandon Gamble. His studio is located in Tacoma, WA. For all of your photography needs, visit his site for more information by
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